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Eligible Models: PN-C605B, PN-C703B, PN-C705B, PN-C805B, PN-L401C, Pn-L501C, PN-L603B, PN-L603W, PN-703B, PN-L703WA, PN-L705H, PN-L803CA, PN-R426, PN-R496, PN-R556, PN-R606, PN-R706, PN-R903A, PN-E603, PN-E703, PN-E803, PN-Y436, PN-Y496, PN-Y556, PN-B401, PN-B501, PN-M401, PN-M501, PN-H701, PN-H801, PN-UH601, PN-UH701, PN-B501, PN-V701, PN-V6xx, PN-V5XX. Promotion ends July 31, 2018. Claims may be submitted before actual date of installation when end-user information is provided. All claims must be submitted online no later than August 13, 2018. Only one sales order per form submission will be accepted. Almo has the right to alter or cancel the program promotion at any time. Valid in the U.S. only. Allow 3-4 weeks for rebate processing. Some special pricing may not be combinable. Check with your Almo representative. Reseller must be in good credit standing with no overdue balances to receive credit. Any product returns will be deducted/removed from Dealer payment.

Thank you. An Almo sales representative will be in touch within 2-3 business days.